Emily Webb

Poems & People

Good Chance

As Head of Poetry at Good Chance, I am proud to have founded a poetry collective of people from all over the globe, Change the Word.

Good Chance is a theatre company that brings people together through art, from the multi-award winning play The Jungle to the phenomenal feat of art and welcome, The Walk. For me, Good Chance is one of the reasons to have hope in this world.

Take Note

I am the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Take Note, a catalyst initiative to spark and support collaboration in the arts.

Take Note experiments with new forms of collaboration. We run Connect Labs to support extraordinary arts partnership projects, and Innovation Labs to collaboratively develop new solutions for social change.


My poetry explores our relationship with our bodies, with our minds, with the world and with each other.

I won first prize in the Cheltenham Poetry Festival Prize 2021 and my poetry has been published in Acumen and The Missing Slate, and in Good Chance anthologies.

Get in touch

If you are interested in creating a Change the Word poetry collective with people you know who are recently arrived in a new town, let me know. Or if you’d like to share your poems with me, feel free!

Email emily@goodchance dot org dot uk